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Vmware-vcenter-converter-standalone-5.5-3 [Updated-2022]


Download: https://urllio.com/2k95tl


.noarch.rpm Virtualization Client Converter Extension - 5.5.3 rpm -eVMware-vcenter-converter-extension-5.5-3.noarch.rpm VMware vSphere Converter Client - 5.5.3 rpm -eVMware-vcenter-converter-client-5.5-3.noarch.rpm ================================================================= rpmbuild -ba vmware-vmx.spec [12:40:32.653] mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/src/vmware': Permission denied I can't seem to figure out what's going on. Any help would be appreciated. A: I've used this guide to install vCenter Converter extension on Ubuntu 14.04 as a followup to this guide. You need to make sure you have the root and sudo access: sudo su - chown -R $USER /usr/src/vmware/vcenter-converter-client-5.5.3 Note: The VMware vCenter Converter extension requires root access on the computer where it will be installed. Make sure you have the current version of the VMWare SDK: sudo yum -y update sudo yum -y install virtualization-sdk-devel Download the CentOS binary: wget Extract the RPM file to a temporary location: rpm2cpio vmware-vcenter-converter-1.0.0-6171. | cpio -id Make the RPM file: rpm2cpio vmware-vcenter-converter-




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Vmware-vcenter-converter-standalone-5.5-3 [Updated-2022]
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